Best farmed salmon in the world

International praise for Scottish salmon sets it apart from other fish. It’s 25 years since Scottish farmed salmon was first awarded the French Government’s Label Rouge – an honour bestowed only on products of superior taste and quality. Scottish salmon was the first non-French food and is the only Scottish food to join this prestigious group of fine products. Alongside that accolade is the title “Best Farmed Salmon in the World” awarded to Scottish salmon twice in a poll of international retailers.

The Master Chefs of France have long been advocates of Label Rouge Scottish Salmon since the early years of the award. Scottish salmon has been selected over the years to feature at many of their key events such as competitions for young, aspiring chefs and appears on the menus of France’s top restaurants.

Many of the chefs visited salmon farms on the West Coast last year to see for themselves how one of their favourite ingredients is produced.

Christain Tetedoie, President of the Master Chefs of France, said:

“We have been working with Scottish Label Rouge Salmon for almost twenty years because this fish is simply delicious.”

It is certainly an achievement worth celebrating and a moment to note that salmon from some of Scotland’s most remote, rural communities ends up on dining tables around the world because of its Scottish provenance and reputation for high quality standards.