Bon Anniversaire Label Rouge Scottish Salmon!

Scottish Salmon celebrates 25 years of holding the French Government’s Label Rouge award. This honour is given only to products of superior taste and quality. The salmon farmers are particularly proud that salmon was the first non-French food and only Scottish food to join this prestigious group.

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, said:

“The award of the Label Rouge was significant in developing the export market in France and has subsequently opened many other markets for Scottish salmon around the world. Our workers produce the finest fish in some of Scotland’s most remote, rural communities and then send it off to cities around the world. The Scottish provenance and reputation for high quality standards is down to their hard work and dedication.”

Last year saw record sales of Label Rouge Scottish Salmon, 8,000 tonnes of the premium fish, served in many of the top restaurants in France. Originally produced as a niche product for the premium French market, it is now sought-after in other European countries, including Switzerland and Germany, and further afield in the Middle East and Japan.