Correction to Daily Record Online 24th June 2018

From the Chief Executive’s Office – Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation

I am writing to correct the facts relating to the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation’s (SSPO) comments in yesterday’s story about Edward Mountain MSP and his role in the Parliamentary inquiry into salmon farming.

The photo caption stating “Edward Mountain MSP was called on to do “the right thing” and step aside by the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation” is absolutely false and we would ask this be removed immediately from the article and a correction published in the printed version. At no time has the SSPO stated this, either in principle or in these actual words.

Neither have we issued any demands, as your article would imply. Your inference that we have issued demands to the Convenor, Clerk or any member of the REC Committee misrepresents both the way in which we provided a comment to your paper and the manner in which the organisation has been working with the Rural Economy Committee during the inquiry. It is our expectation that all Parliamentary Committee work is carried out impartially, whatever the topic under scrutiny. We would ask that the sentence be amended online and a correction be published in the printed version to reflect our expectation that the inquiry will be carried out impartially.

The irony that an article about fairness in the Scottish system has itself failed to fairly represent the SSPO’s views is not lost.

I await your confirmation that the changes will be made online and that a correction will be included in the next printed version of the Daily Record.

Yours sincerely,

Julie Hesketh-Laird
Chief Executive, SSPO