Efficient Use of Feed

The Scottish industry has made good progress in reducing dependence on marine ingredients through use of vegetable oils and proteins as substitutes.

Fishmeal used in salmon feed to produce farmed Scottish salmon is now estimated to contain over 25% trimmings from fish processing. All fishmeal used in Scottish salmon farming is sourced from assured, responsibly managed fisheries.

Salmon farming currently turns small relatively unpalatable bony fish into healthy edible fish protein. Furthermore, when there is a good well managed supply of unpalatable fish which do not have human food markets it makes good sense to convert it into good quality fish protein through aquaculture. Whilst the production of farmed fish has been rising both in Scotland and globally, the overall amount of wild fish used to produce fish feed has remained stable.

The feed conversion ratio for salmon is around 1.2 or better, that is 1.2 tonnes of feed is used to produce 1 tonne of salmon. In terms of protein conversion efficiency, salmon are better converters than other sources of protein including terrestrial livestock or poultry production.

The feed industry fully supports the independently audited IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil.