Women in Science – Freshwater Fish Health

Science in Aquaculture

Between 11th February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science and British Science Week 9th – 18th March), we’re introducing you to some of the amazingly talented scientists . . . who just happen to be women . . . working in Scottish salmon farming. They not only help to make Scottish salmon the global success story it is today, but are working tirelessly to ensure its sustainable future.

Scottish Sea Farms

Today’s featured scientist is Noelia Rodriguez from Scottish Sea Farms Ltd.

Job Title:

  • Freshwater Fish Health and Welfare Manager


  • Barcaldine, Argyll and Bute

Job description:

  • Ensuring the fish health and welfare of Atlantic salmon in the freshwater production sites including flow through hatcheries, recirculation hatcheries and lochs is optimal, implementing the company health strategy to deliver high quality smolts. Supporting site staff in maintaining high standards of health and welfare though training and application of novel technologies and coordinating research and development projects that will improve health and welfare on our fish.

Why I love what I do:

  • I love the balance between the field work with the fish, the data analysis of all the parameters measured to identify trends, the interaction with the people in different areas that all share a proud feeling about what they do, and the challenges that working with fish in the natural environment brings, sometimes is like solving a puzzle, have to look at several aspects to be able to come out with the best outcome.

Advice for girls that want to make a career in science:

  • Go for it! There is a massive range of things you can do if you go into science, from academia to industry or teaching. Even within aquaculture we have people with roles in water chemistry, microbiology, phytoplankton & benthic taxonomy, environmental science, etc. There is always a fresh challenge waiting if you are up for it!