£2m salmon farm upgrade brings job security for Argyll and Shetland

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland has agreed a major £2 million order to upgrade farm pens and equipment on Shetland – the largest ever single order won by Argyll based Fusion Marine.

This order will equip three of Cooke Aquaculture Scotland farm sites with the latest containment technology on Shetland and provide additional jobs for Fusion Marine while boosting supplier spending in Shetland.

Out of a total of 38 pens, 34 pens are scheduled for replacement at Balta Isle and North Sandwick on Unst and a further four pens earmarked for Aith on mainland Shetland.

Engineers will assemble the constructed pens at Cullivoe on Shetland, then tow the equipment to farm locations using local transport networks. Fusion Marine will soon begin to recruit staff and to secure essential production equipment to assist with this contract.

Colin Blair, managing director of Cooke Aquaculture Scotland said: “We are particularly pleased that we have been able to place these orders with a Scottish manufacturing company. It underlines the importance of salmon farming to Scotland’s economy in supporting jobs in rural communities and sourcing services locally, when possible. The containment equipment offered by Fusion Marine is ideally suited for the demanding environmental conditions found in the Northern Isles.”