Future of Salmon Farming

A recent report published by ISFA raises awareness of the global salmon farming industry’s contribution to sustaining communities and feeding a growing population.

In Scotland, over the past 40 years, salmon farmers have learned how important it is to protect the waters on which they depend, to safeguard their vital workforce and to develop markets to ensure that this rural Scottish industry can thrive.

Download our Introduction to Sustainability – 2013 and Sustainability Booklet – 2014.

The industry recognises that today’s success must also sustain success in the future. To this end, the industry’s prime objectives include:

  • safeguarding skilled, well paid workers through training. The salmon farming industry in Scotland employed 91 young people on Modern Apprenticeships in 2014
  • protecting the environment through innovation and scientific research
  • protecting fish through world class health and welfare standards
  • maintaining health with Omega 3 rich fish
  • protecting food supply through fish farming
  • protecting communities by getting involved, making a contribution and being good neighbours
  • protecting the Scottish brand and markets through standards and high quality products

In line with the expanding markets, the Scottish salmon industry plans to increase production by an average of 3-5% per annum over the next five years. This sustainable industry growth will be accompanied by developments in farming systems and equipment designs, including new technology which will allow farms to operate further offshore. This will involve substantial industry investment and the creation of jobs in remote areas of the Highlands and Islands.

Aquaculture is crucial for supplying the world's food needs for the next 50 years