Make Scottish salmon the food of love on Valentine’s Day

Make your Valentine’s Day extra special and indulge your loved one with the ultimate Scottish salmon feast. Versatile, tasty and great for heart health, Scottish salmon recipes are perfect for hearts that skip a beat or go all a-flutter. Packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that promote sparkling eyes, kissable lips, glossy hair and a fabulous complexion, Omega 3-rich salmon boosts serotonin levels that will help you get in the mood.

Start the day with breakfast in bed, serving smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted muffins. A fabulously classic and simple dish that complements both ingredients and works just as well on a bagel.

If a romantic lunch is more your style, try gin and orange glazed salmon with a beetroot and orange salad. A quick and tasty dish of salmon fillets that combines popular ingredients for a delicious sticky citrus glaze.

Prefer a cosy dinner for two? Dust off your best tableware, dim the lights, crack open some fizz, and serve your special person a meal made with love. Try honey and ginger Thai style Scottish salmon for a tasty and healthy lunch.

Unattached? Valentine’s Day is still for you. Use it as an excuse to celebrate friendship and invite your nearest and dearest round for a meal with a Mexican twist that’s sure to keep the conversation going. Zingy chilli and spices complement the sweetness of mango to create a delicious dish bursting with colour and packed with the healthy proteins of Scottish salmon and avocado.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, there is a Scottish salmon recipe perfect for the occasion that won’t keep you in the kitchen for hours on end so you can spend time quality time having fun with your loved one!

Happy Valentine’s Day!