Master Chefs of France celebrate 25 years of Label Rouge Scottish Salmon

The Master Chefs of France are huge fans of Label Rouge Scottish Salmon and are helping salmon farmers celebrate 25 years since the award was first presented.

The Master Chefs of France is an association founded to maintain and promote the culinary arts in the food capital of the world and beyond. For many years, Scottish salmon has been selected to feature at many of their key events where excellence is the motto. At competitions for young, aspiring chefs and on the menus of France’s top restaurants, Label Rouge Scottish salmon and the Master Chefs of France have represented a great partnership of top skills with top quality food.

They visited salmon farms on the West Coast last year to see for themselves how one of their favourite ingredients is produced.

Christain Tetedoie, President of the Master Chefs of France, said: “We have been working with Scottish Label Rouge Salmon for almost twenty years because this fish is simply delicious.”

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said:

The Label Rouge quality mark is looked upon by French consumers as a symbol of quality and taste. Our strict production standards and our pristine waters allow us to guarantee quality, freshness and delicate flavours.”

2017 marks the silver anniversary of the Label Rouge award to Scottish Salmon for its superior taste and quality.