Pupils get an insight into salmon farming

It was back to school for Scottish salmon this week when the ever-popular education programme, Seafood in Schools, stopped at Perth High School (8/9 February 2017).

Primary seven children who attend the 13 primary schools in the local catchment area learned how the UK’s favourite fish is helping to boost brains and support good health thanks to its Omega 3 content.

Pupils watched cookery demonstrations and took part in a special ‘Come Dine with Me’ tasting session to encourage them to try new recipes and overcome any misconceptions they may have about eating fish.

The pupils also learned how Scotland’s number one food export has become an important part of the country’s economy by providing jobs, investment and education.

For some children, their knowledge and experience of farmed salmon and the aquaculture industry is limited. This workshop offers an insight into the health benefits of eating salmon and openstheir eyes to‘sea’ the manycareer opportunities the industry can offer.

Seafood in Schools co-ordinator, Maria Anderson, said: “The aim of the project is to help pupils understand where fish comes from and the process it goes through to reach their plates.

“We help schools to build sustainable links with industry and develop interdisciplinary projects to embed seafood into the curriculum. We take the opportunity to educate the pupils and teachers about how important it is to eat two portions a week, one being an oil-rich fish, like salmon.

“Lots of teachers and older pupils take part in these sessions and many are surprised to find out how complex and important Scotland’s seafood industry is!”

Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) is a partner in the Seafood in Schools initiative, co-ordinated by Seafood Scotland. SSPO members provide salmon to participating schools and offer education and information to help teachers to use seafood as a context for interdisciplinary learning.