Salmon and Crowdie Baubles with Nori Dust

An oriental touch for pre-dinner snacks


Hot smoked salmon
Tub of crowdie
Lime zest
Chilli flakes to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Nori seaweed sheets
Wasabi paste, optional
Salmon or lumpfish roe caviar, optional


  • Mix salmon, crowdie, zest and chilli together until you have a paste.
  • Check seasoning and adjust to taste. The mix can also be used to stuff halved, de-seeded cherry tomatoes.
  • Roll into balls the size of walnuts, pop in fridge to firm up.
  • This bit needs to be done swiftly – singe the nori sheets over a flame.They will catch almost immediately, so you have to be fast.
  • Crumble the seaweed between your hands into a bowl.Depending on how singed it is, will determine how fine the dust is.
  • Take balls from fridge and roll in the nori crumbs.
  • Make a dimple in the top and dab with either wasabi or fish roe.

(Lea Harris, @BakersBunny)