Salmon farm equipment recycled to help restore peatland

Waste materials from salmon farms are being used in a pioneering project to restore local peatland in Shetland.

The project, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, has been led by Shetland Amenity Trust’s Sue White since 2014 and has been shortlisted for an RSPB Nature of Scotland award which celebrates “excellence, innovation and outstanding achievement in Scottish nature conservation”.

White said:

“Peatland restoration in Shetland has been given in an innovative twist through use of re-cycled locally abundant waste materials from the aquaculture industry

“We have made carbon savings several times over – through restoring degraded blanket bog, avoiding the need to freight materials to Shetland and re-use of bulky waste material from salmon farms.”

David Sandison, SSPO Shetland office manager, said:

“It’s great to see how redundant cage material can be used innovatively and recycled back into use, particularly for environmental benefit both in the islands and further afield”