Salmon is a great catch at the Royal Highland Show!

Everything went swimmingly for the presenters and participants of the ‘Farming at Sea’ workshops that took place at this year’s Royal Highland Show.

A total of 600 pupils from 18 schools were involved in the first two days of the interactive aquaculture workshops, with a number of families and members of the public dropping in to take part over the weekend.

Participants heard why salmon farming and other aquaculture industries have become Scotland’s economic success stories providing investment, employment and training opportunities to some of the remotest parts of Scotland.

They also learned how farmers look after their ‘floating flock’ at sea, and explored the science behind salmon farming to find out why the UK’s favourite fish, and Scotland’s number one food export, is a healthy addition to the shopping basket. Those who came at the weekend were shown how to turn an everyday wok into a makeshift smokery.

The workshops were funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Research Fund (SARF) and supported by scientists from Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University. The workshops were hosted by The Royal Highland Educational Trust and whole salmon and tasting samples were provided by The Scottish Salmon Company and Marine Harvest Scotland.

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said:

“As one of Scotland’s most important food producer, it’s crucial we continue to inspire a new generation of farmers, scientists and food technologists. We want to maintain our industry’s sustainability records so we can keep on farming delicious and healthy fish for future generations. These interactive workshops present a fantastic opportunity for young people to really engage with those working in the industry, not to mention the chance to touch and taste the delicious produce. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it a success”.