Salmon waste creates renewable energy

SSPO is represented in a group undertaking research into recycling options for fish waste.

European representatives came together recently to discuss the progress of BiFFiO, a cross-sector renewable energy trial, to assess whether small-scale anaerobic digesters can be efficient in turning fish and cattle waste into fertiliser. The group has been formed from eleven partners including the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, British Trout Association and the University of Liverpool.Since the project began, a prototype system has been designed and installed comprising four anaerobic digesters at the Wood Park dairy farm, part of University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science.

Testing takes place over a 14 months with the project closing at the end of October 2016 when the group will assess full results.

A presentation on the project will be delivered to farmers at the European Aquaculture Society annual event held in Edinburgh in the autumn.