Progress and Innovation

SSPO and salmon farming companies maintain strong links with academic institutions, providing input and direction for major research projects.

ken stones 006SSPO’s technical workfocuses on core areas central to the industry’s main objectives.The programme concentrates on developing the evidence base to underpin and support the sustainable development of the industry; generating information to support the farming of salmon through the application of high quality science; and underpinning self-regulation via the industry’s Code of Good Practice.

Industry representatives participate in a Science and Research Working Group, established through the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture (MGSA) in 2013 to co-ordinate and prioritise research requirements towards delivery of the aquaculture 2020 sustainable growth targets. The Group’s main main objectives include:

  • Producing a comprehensive draft national aquaculture research strategy defining medium to long term vision and research requirements.

Our capacity to support and influence the development of aquaculture globally through collaborative projects and providing world-class eduction and training will also ensure that we continue to contribute to food security and support fragile rural economies

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