Regarding recent media comment in relation to seals:

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, said:

“The Scottish salmon farming industry is acutely aware of its responsibility to both its fish welfare and the welfare of marine mammals which live alongside farms. However, from time to time seals attack fish and pens. While the salmon farming industry is permitted under Scottish law to shoot seals, it is our ambition to develop enough techniques throughout the whole industry to avoid the need to shoot seals. In other words, it is our clear intention to reduce the number of seals shot to zero”.

“It should be noted there are other sectors shooting seals within Scotland who don’t appear to have any public commitment to getting to zero.

“As for the US Marine Mammal Protection Act, farmers act under licence in line with Scottish legislation and it is our expectation that this will align with the proposed US requirements.“