Sloe Gin and Beetroot Cured Salmon

The perfect Sunday brunch! Excellent with scrambled eggs and a sloe fizz – sparkling wine topped with sloe gin!


550g salmon fillet, skin on
50g sea salt
50g soft brown sugar
50ml sloe gin
100g fresh beetroot, grated


  • Mix the salt, brown sugar and sloe gin together and rub it all over the salmon
  • Place salmon and the cure into a Ziploc bag. Cover the top of the fish with beetroot. Close Ziploc and put into a plastic tub with a lid; make sure it is skin side down.
  • Weight it down. Pop on the lid and place in the fridge for four days.
  • Turn after two days and replace the weight.
  • Remove from tub and take salmon out of bag. Scrape off the beetroot and rinse. Pat dry.
  • Best served thinly sliced and use like smoked salmon
  • Can be kept for up to two weeks in the fridge.

(Lea Harris @BakersBunny)