SSPO Chief Executive speaks at The Scotsman Conference

Beyond Brexit – Future-proofing the Food and Drink industry in Scotland

Julie Hesketh-Laird, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, spoke today about the future of the Scottish salmon farming industry beyond Brexit.

“The Scottish salmon farming industry is a source of great pride for Scotland and we all want it to grow.

“We farm pretty much everything we eat. All our vegetables and meats are farmed. The oceans are the last place where we hunted and gathered. The oceans can’t give us any more fish. There are 7bn people on this planet. We owe it to our oceans to ensure we are providing a sustainable additional alternative alongside catch fishing. And because we can, we should farm salmon in Scotland to the quality standard our consumers expect.”

Read more of her presentation on the link below:

Hesketh-Laird Scotsman Conference Sept 2018