SSPO comment on commitments to ECCLR Committee

Julie Hesketh-Laird, CEO of the SSPO said:

“The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation is committed to openness and transparency on its salmon farming practices. We are working to fulfil the commitments made to the ECCLR Committee back in February and have already delivered on our lice reporting commitment. In May we began publishing sea lice data on a farm by farm basis and continue to do so. This builds on SSPO’s collection and publication of sea lice data on an area basis, which began in 2010 and which we continue to report alongside our new farm by farm lice data.

For mortality reporting, unlike for lice counts, there is no standard methodology available for reporting mortality data for farmed salmon. SSPO is working with our member companies to establish an approach that allows companies to report simply and easily and that creates outputs that can be communicated in a straightforward way to stakeholders. We expect to publish farm level mortality data this summer on our website. There is an existing regulatory requirement for farmers to report unexplained mortality events to the Scottish Government’s Fish Health Inspectorate; SSPO does not hold that information.

Our full response to the convenor of the ECCLR Committee can be seen here and is also available on the Committee’s web page.

Notes to editors

SSPO’s sea lice reports can be viewed here