SSPO comment on launch of the Interactions Work Stream

Julie Hesketh-Laird, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) said:

“We welcome the launch of the Scottish Government’s Interactions Work Stream and the group’s new focus on wild fish populations – one of the pressures on wild salmonid populations alongside others including predation, habitat water quality and physical barriers to salmonid migration and acidification of Scottish waters.

“Our successful Scottish salmon farming sector enjoys its strong reputation and success, in part due to Scotland’s wild salmonid heritage and wishes to help secure its long-term future. It is in our common interest to ensure that the shared space in which salmon farmers operate can be as good an environment for wild salmonids as it can be.

“We believe that both wild and farmed salmon deserve to be supported and the SSPO and Scottish salmon farming sector wishes to develop a more productive working relationship between the two sectors and we welcome the willingness of the wild fish sector to achieve this aim too.

“It is our hope that the work of the group can help build a more productive working relationship between the two sectors.

“John Goodlad, as chair, brings experience in the fisheries sector and will undoubtedly offer valuable guidance when considering the varied pressures on wild salmonid populations.

“The SSPO looks forward to contributing constructively to the group’s work.”