SSPO responds to media reports on industry mortality levels

In response to press reports today (4th July) regarding industry mortality figures, Scott Landsburgh, SSPO chief executive, said:

“Scottish salmon farming companies are doing everything possible to reduce unnecessary mortalities – after all, this product is our livelihood and sustains vast numbers of jobs in remote rural areas of Scotland so it is in our economic interest to get as much of our high quality product to the market as we can. To suggest otherwise is to fundamentally misunderstand the economics and realities of any food production business. Furthermore, critics of aquaculture, often with their own motivations, publishing data without context, cannot be judged as any kind of independent authority.

“The industry will continue to do all we can to minimise unnecessary mortalities in the face of changing environmental circumstances beyond our control, such as the effects of global climate change on the marine environment where we grow our fish. It is the responsibility of the salmon farming industry to meet these new challenges head on and ensure we continue to have a sustainable industry in Scotland which protects the environment whilst maximising the economic and social benefits of the sector in the areas where we operate and that is exactly what we are trying to do.”