SSPO lobbying UK and EU for positive outcome for UK’s No.1 food export after Brexit

The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) has published a working paper aimed at securing the best possible outcome for the Scottish salmon industry from the UK’s exit negotiations with the EU, amid high level meetings with UK and EU representatives.

As talks take place between the negotiating parties, the SSPO Report acts as a starting point for discussions and has four key themes which underpin the industry’s aims and hopes:

Customs Arrangements

Legal and Regulatory Certainty

Workforce and Communities

International Trade Policies

Scott Landsburgh, Chief Executive, SSPO said “Whilst the report itself is reasonably ‘high level’ and broad rather than deep in content, much detailed work has gone on behind the scenes in preparing a Brexit strategy. We have consulted far and wide, and held constructive talks at senior political levels. We are, in the main, encouraged by the willingness of politicians and civil servants to listen to our concerns, give feedback and updates and push our agenda forward. But there is nothing concrete that we can rely on as things stand.

We have a number of aspirations for our industry on what the talks will bring for us but ultimately, we have to assume a ‘worst case scenario’. We need to be able to work without a free trade deal if it comes to that and we have spent a good deal of time establishing what would be needed to make this scenario work sufficiently for our industry.”

Landsburgh went on to say ‘in our ideal scenario, the UK and EU would agree a tariff-free comprehensive free trade deal that allows our produce to enter EU markets in much the same way and at the same cost and within the same timeframes as now. Then we could move on to taking the potential opportunities that the situation gives us. New free trade deals with other world markets and ideally, a more efficient customs and exporting process. But we are still some way off achieving this as far as anyone can tell.”

The Paper is available in pdf format here.