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Women in Science

Between 11th February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science and British Science Week 9th – 18th March), we’re introducing you to some of the amazingly talented scientists . . . who just happen to be women . . . working in Scottish salmon farming. They not only help to make Scottish salmon the global success story it is today, but are working tirelessly to ensure its sustainable future.

Scottish Sea Farms

Today’s featured scientist is Amy McGoohan, a Quality Assurance Supervisor with Scottish Sea Farms at the South Shian Processing site.

My job mainly involves ensuring the quality of the fish which leaves our factory adheres to our regulatory standards and also our customer requirements. This involves overseeing the testing of the product throughout the processing chain for pH, temperature and many other quality parameters. It also involves ensuring our factory adheres to food safety standards.

I love this job as it is very varied, an average day usually involves juggling a host of different tasks from physically checking the standards of the fish and the general factory running of the day to document reviewing, handling customer complaints or trending our results.Every day is also very different with new problems to be solved or processes to be improved, which creates new challenges and keeps the job exciting.

Science as a career for women is a great choice especially if you enjoy problem solving and working on new projects as there is many scientific advancements to be made still and this is especially true of the aquaculture industry which is fairly young and continually developing.

To find more about the UN’s International Women & Girls in Science Day visit http://www.un.org/en/events/women-and-girls-in-science-day/

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