Women in Science – Head Laboratory Manager

Women in Aquaculture

Our next scientist is Teresa Garzon

Teresa Garzon Marine Harvest Scotland

Job title:

  • Head Laboratory Manager

Company name:

  • Marine Harvest Scotland


  • North Fort William, Scotland

Short information about what your job entails:

  • Responsible for fish health lab diagnostics and health data.

Why you love what you do:

  • Because the challenges are different every day, you have to always find out the origin of the problem, investigate a way control it and in my case mostly to test “it” or sample “it”

Bonus question – what advice would you give other women or girls thinking of a career in science?

  • Aquaculture is an exciting work in progress in terms of science, or even just starting….Science is not fully applied yet so it is a good area where innovation is possible where inventing things is still possible where solutions have to be found from practical engineering sciences to molecular biology…any scientific skill is useful.